"His Purpose"
1. This Old Sinner Testifies

2.  Give It Away

3.  Untill We Fly Away

4.  Gods Still Making Miracles

5.  After Awhile

6.  I've Been Changed

​7.  God's Building A Church

​8.  Damascus Road

9.  Living In Canaan Now

10.  If You Knew Him

1. When He Calls My Name

2.  Jesus Came Out Alive

3.  When The King Breaks Thru The Clouds

4.  Follow Me

5.  When Jesus Steps In

6.  I Got My Healing Today

​7.  When I Am Weak

​8.  My God Conquers It All

9.  The Blood On My Hands

10.  His Hand Is Leading Me

11.  Mercy Grace And Love

12.  I'll Fly Away Gospel Medley​​​

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"Get On Board"

1. Get On Board

2.  Somebody Touched The Lord

3.  Forgiveness

4.  It'll Be Joy

5.  So I Ran

6.  I Think I'll Read It Again

​7.  Good To Know  

​8.  Victory's Song

9.  Walk On Water Today

10.  Blowy Ye The Trumpet

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1. Brand New Ending
2.  Just A Little While
3.  I Have Been Blessed
4.  I'm Ready
5.  Kiss Hello
6.  The Hand Of The Lord
​7.  Preachin"
​8.  He Went To His Grave Loving You
9.  The Blind Man Preached
10. You Gotta Find It