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You Asked For It - You Got It!

Many of you have asked how you can make a donation to our ministry.  And, several of you have asked how you can donate to our ministry on a monthly basis.  We have partnered with PayPal to make this possible.  You can click either of the banners below to make a one time donation or sign up to make a monthly donation.  We would like to encourage you to give prayerful consideration to making an automatic donation of only $7 bucks.  However, you can donate any amount you wish.  We just wanted an amount that  would not affect anyone financially.  It these days and times, $7 is hardly any money at all.  It seems you can't even get a movie ticket or go out to eat by yourself for $7 bucks.  However, LITTLE IS MUCH WHEN GOD IS IN IT!  So please, give prayerful consideration as to what God would have you to donate.  We know some people do not like automatic payments, or even paying online, so of course you can mail in your donation as well.  Or, you can come back to this page each and every month to make your $7 donation  However, By signing up for the automatic donations, it helps provide the consistant income that is needed to properly fund our ministry.  So thanks so much for giving prayerful consideration to supporting Emmaus Road Quartet! 

Every little penny you give, helps us reach another level of ministry.


Emmaus Road has a desire to reach the lost, and uplift all of God's Children. We've had the opprotunity to sing on some of the biggest stages and in some of the most poverty stricken cities in the U.S. Yet, we still have the desire to reach even more people through our music and our ministry. We want to be able to visit more nursing homes, do more benefits, and to be able to sing to anyone, anywhere, without ever having to worry about the financial means to do so. Emmaus Road is a full time ministry who supports 5 different members and their families. God provides each and every need that we have. However, he does that through the churches and the people we sing to each and every week. For this we say Thank You!

I can do all things trough Christ, who strengthens me.

                                                                                Phillippians 4:13