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1. Brand New Ending

2.  Just A Little While

3.  I Have Been Blessed

4.  I'm Ready

5.  Kiss Hello

6.  The Hand Of The Lord


7.  Preachin' 

8.  He Went To His Grave Loving You 

9.  The Blind Man Preached

10.  You Gotta Find It

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  • Brand New Ending0:57
  • Just A Little While1:23
  • I Have Been Blessed1:28
  • I'm Ready0:48
  • Kiss Hello1:20
  • The Hand Of The Lord1:23
  • Preachin'1:27
  • He Went To His Grave Loving You0:56
  • The Blind Man Preached0:59
  • You gotta Find It0:56



Brand New Ending

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